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Polish Herbs Herb Producer

Polish herbs from the heart of the Lublin region, a region famous for growing herbal raw materials for generations.

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Learn about herb production at Polish Herbs

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We have been producing herbs for many years, we focus on quality, which is why our raw materials are so valuable

We are proud that our herbs from Polish Herbs are used in various industries and countries in Europe. Regardless of whether it is the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food industry, our products reach where the highest quality and naturalness are needed. Thanks to our partnerships and the high quality of our herbs, we support various activities that benefit from the beneficial properties of plants. Our mission is not only to provide products, but also to promote a healthy lifestyle and natural solutions throughout the continent.

How does the production process work?

Control of growers

Qualified agrotechnicians supervise the quality of raw materials obtained for further production processes.

Raw material collection

Before the herbal raw material is sent to further processing processes, it is subjected to numerous laboratory tests.

Processing process

Equipment provided by leading manufacturers is used to process herbal raw materials.


The packaging we use has a certificate confirming its intended use for packaging food products.

Quality control

At each stage of the production process, biotechnologists control the quality of the raw material.

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