Polish production of herbal raw materials comes to 30 thousand tons per year. As much as 30% of them is cultivated in the area of Lublin voivodship, which is famous for its clean air. Polish Herbs is the leading herb supplier on the global market from this region.

Polish Herbs (Polskie Zioła Sp. z o.o.) specialises in sourcing and processing the herbal raw materials as well as fruits. The production business is developed based on multiannual management experience and qualified working staff. We are located in the heart of the global basin of herbal cultivation. The convenient location of the company in the region possessing great conditions for cultivation development is the basis of our success.

Our offer includes such products as: peppermint, chamomile, lemon balm, thyme, stinging nettle, sage, valerian root, linden and many other. The we deliver herbal raw materials to our customers in the form of: whole leaves, coarsely cut leaves, cut leaves (threshed), finely cut leaves (fix), finely cut stem (fix), pellet and granulates.

Basic information:

  • July 2010 – date of incorporation
  • sectors to which we supply products: tea industry, pharmaceutic industry, spice industry, extraction producers, animal food producers
  • 90% of sale is export, mainly to countries: Germany, Austria, France, Spain, United Kingdom
  • the monthly production mean is over 60 tonnes which means that we buy up raw material cultivated on the area of about 500ha. Production capacity enables a significant increase in sales
  • 25 people – employment (2018)
  • we obtain the herbs from our own plantations as well as from natural growth and from the market
  • Polish Herbs has its own production facility with an area of almost 4.5 ha.
  • offered products: peppermint, chamomile, lemon balm, thyme, stinging nettle, sage, valerian root, linden and other

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